5 lifesaving equipment you should not compromise with in extreme adventure

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When we’re talking about safety in adventure sports, consideration of advanced equipment must be an important task before starting any adventure activity. A few such important equipment have been listed down required for the specific extreme sports.


  1. Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) for Scuba Diving

In scuba diving, Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) is most important as it holds the tank. It is worn by the diver as a vest that comes along with an inflator and a deflator to add or release air to and from the BCD. It is also designed with several pockets and loops that enable you to carry gadgets on your dive.

Cressi Aquaride Blue Pro: It maintains neutral buoyancy, has a well-padded harness and designed with impressive valve operation, ascent control, surface floating position and cargo pockets. This BCD earned a Testers Choice Award. It costs around $ 480.




2. Crampons for Mt. Everest Expedition

Crampons are used to travel on snow and ice. These are underfoot spikes that mountaineers wear under their climbing shoes or boots for a good holding on the snow or ice. Crampons prove extremely useful in climbing snow covered mountains, crossing snow and ice fields, ascending snow slopes etc.

Grivel G22 Crampon: It bears 12 points, made with monorail technology for its semi rigidity, chromoly steel for durability. The price ranges from $180 to $230.


  1. Harness for Paragliding

The harness in paragliding is the most important equipment because it secures your body to the glider. The fitting of harness varies according to the body types of individuals. So, the fit must be checked thoroughly before beginning the activity. The harness in paraglider bears a back protection of stiff foam that protects you from any injury on hitting the ground if landing is not perfectly smooth as done by professionals. The reserve parachute is also attached to the harness and is used when the main paraglider goes awry.

First Harness III: This harness is just one among the range of harnesses provided by Apco Karma Aviation, most commonly used brand for paragliding harnesses in India. It’s quite light, strong and durable. The price ranges from $300 to about $1000.



  1. Personal Floatation Device for Kayaking

PFD or Personal Floatation Device is one of the most vital equipment required for undertaking white water kayaking. A PFD is the lifejacket that must be put on by the kayaker before beginning the activity because in turbulent water. When the kayak turns upside down and goes out of control, the individual has to pull himself out of the kayak and only then the PFD helps to keep afloat. So, the life jacket must be well fitting, i.e., neither too loose nor too tight but of appropriate size.

Stohlquist Kahuna PFD: this is among a range of personal floatation device used for kayaking or river rafting in India. It has durable outer and inner coverings, very durable, adjustable shoulder straps, ample storage and extra floatation for big waters. Price of PFDs ranges from $20 to about $1250.


  1. Parachute for Skydiving

The principal equipment required in the activity, as you would never want to crash on the ground after the activity. The parachute must not bear a single puncture or scratch that could hinder free sailing and landing. The skydiving centres provide certified and regularly inspected equipment.

Companion SQR: In the shape of a square round, this parachute is a completely new generation of reserve parachute. Several other types of reserve parachutes are also available. The price ranges from $600 to more than $1,000.

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